Assessment is at the heart of outstanding teaching and learning, and plays a major part of every day routines.  The ideas and tips shared all have proven impact on not only students learning, but also on teachers daily routines.  Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments.



Plickers is a brilliant app that can give instant assessment and feedback using just one iPad, perfect for a 1 iPad classroom, or to gather information quickly.  This is a great tool for both formative and summative assessment. Find out more with Lee Parkinson




Kahoot! is a fantastic tool using gamification to engage learners.  It can be used for both formative and summative assessment, and is a fantastic way to gauge students understanding or show what they have learned.  Ruth Smith explains more…



Whether used for formative or summative assessment, Socrative gives a brilliant insight into students learning and provides detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses.  A great tool to use in the classroom that also saves teachers valuable time assessing, leaving more time for teaching and learning. Robbie Dunne reveals ‘why’ and how to use in class..





Seesaw has been a real game changer, especially in the Primary setting, creating an online learning journal for students.  It is also wonderful for assessment and provides a range of opportunities to provide personalised individual feedback. Alan Frame explains why and how you should use it…


Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an essential app in many classrooms. It allows students the chance to show and verbally explain their learning and thoughts quickly and effectively.  It also a brilliant assessment tool for teachers too. Paul Tullock shows ‘why’ and how to use it for assessment…





When looking for ways to record and evidence digital and practical work, Showbie is top of the pile (along with Seesaw). However, Showbie is also an excellent tool for assessment.  It can be used to quickly and effectively to provide feedback on work, allowing students time to reflect and make progress. Claire Jones explains how…


Apple Classroom


Apple Classroom is a real game changer in classes that use iPads. It has many superb features to ensure flawlessly smooth workflow, as well as class management.  It is also a wonderful tool to use for assessment.  Find out more with Claire Jones


Apple TV


If you are lucky enough to use a class set, or even just 1 iPad, then Apple TV is a perfect way to share teaching and earning.  It can also be used as a great assessment tool.  Claire Jones explains ‘why’ in this video…




One of the most engaging apps for students in recent times is Quizizz.  This is a great way to include gamification in learning to engage and inspire children.  It is also offers an array of fantastic assessment tools, giving full analysis for all participants. It is great for both formative and summative assessment.  Nigel Wright reveals ‘why’ you should use it…