Who and more importantly, ‘Why?’

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#TechTeachGoals #T12

Tech Teach Goals are a group of 6 Apple Distinguished Educators who aim to share ideas, hints and tips to make #edtech have maximum impact in classrooms all over the world.

The #T12 project was born at the Apple Distinguished Educators Academy in London on 20th July 2017 from members of table 12 (and Paul joining from table 4, he knew a good thing when he saw it!).

The group all shared a common value for sharing hints and tips centred round the ‘why?’.  ‘Why’ was very important to us, as if there is no purpose to using it, it should not be of importance.  Each idea and tip is focussed with ‘why’ at the heart. Then ‘how to use it’, and finally the ‘benefits’ its has to both teachers and students.

The idea began as using the incredible Apple Clips to share quick-fire tips and ideas to impact on teaching and learning, and we plan to develop and deliver a range of ideas for all areas of the curriculum via #classroomclips on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), our blog, iBooks and iTunesU.

We are (from left to right): Lee Parkinson, Ruth Smith, Claire Jones, Robbie Dunne, Paul Tullock and Alan Frame.

Follow our journey to help embed #edtech into the curriculum around the world!